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Assorted Dumplings

Serves 3 People

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Supreme craftsmanship. Assorted premium handmade, crystal skin dumplings of lobster, ginger & shallot, prawn hargow & Asian mushrooms.


Our reheat instructions are based on a standard home oven, stove and microwave. Cooking times may vary dependent on your equipment. We recommend you use the instructions as a guide only and check the internal temperature before serving. The best way to do this is to use a probe. Internal temperature must be above 75℃. If you do not have a probe, insert a knife into the centre of the product and ensure it is piping hot. You will get the best result if you defrost the meal prior to reheating. The safest way to do this is to defrost your meal in its sealed tray or pouch in your fridge for 12 to 24 hours.

Cooking Time:

6 to 10 minutes

Reheat in a Steamer: 

1. If frozen, steam in a bamboo basket for 10 minutes. 

2. If defrosted, steam in a bamboo basket for 6 minutes.  

3. Serve and enjoy! 

Reheat in Microwave: 

1. Cook straight from frozen.  

2. Wrap each dumpling in cling film. 

3. Microwave for 7 minutes. 

4. Serve and enjoy! 

Chef Recommendations

To enhance your experience further, the chef suggests adding the following before serving:

Serve with a premium soy sauce and chopped red chilli. Add Black vinegar for extra punch.


Lobster & Ginger Dumpling (Egg) (Prawn (Crustacean), Fish, Lobster (Crustacean), Ginger, Shallot Relish, Potato Starch, Shallot Oil, Sugar, Sesame Oil, Salt, Kombu Extract (Kelp Extract, Flavour Enhancer (621), Salt, Bonito Extract (Fish), Thickener (451)), Pepper, Flour (Wheat).

Prawn Dumpling (Prawn Meat (Crustacean), Bamboo Shoots (Bamboo Shoots (62%), Water, Acidity Regulator (330), Potato Starch, Shallot Oil, Sugar, Sesame Oil, Kombu Extract (Kelp Extract, Flavour Enhancer (621), Salt, Bonito Extract (Fish), Thickener (451), Salt, Pepper, Flour (Wheat).

Mushroom Dumpling (Egg) (Mushrooms, Canola Oil, Water Chestnuts (Water Chestnut (60%), Water, Acidity Regulator (330), Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce, Potato Starch, Sesame Oil, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Flour (Wheat), Activated Charcoal.


Lobster & Ginger Dumpling: gluten, wheat, crustacean, egg, fish.

Prawn Dumpling: gluten, wheat, crustacean, fish, sesame.

Mushroom Dumpling: gluten, wheat, egg, sesame.

While we take steps to minimise risk; traces of nuts, crustaceans, gluten (excluding Certified Celiac Safe), dairy and other allergens may be present as these ingredients are present in our kitchen.

Nutritional Information

Nutrition Per Serving
Energy 636kj
Protein 11.1g
Fat 3.2g
Saturated Fat 3g
Carbohydrates 7.3g
Sugars 3.3g
Sodium 656mg